About TCWP
About TCWP

The Civil War Project (TCWP) was created and launched in April 2011 by Carrie Suntken. Fueled by an avid passion for this crucial time in United States history, this site is set to explore the American Civil War in conjunction with the 150th anniversary.

Whether the reader is highly versed in Civil War history or seeking to learn the basics, the goal of TCWP is to educate and provide a view of history that has not yet been accomplished through a single medium. Though battles and other major events will be explored, the primary focus will be on individuals from all parts of society and how their actions affected their loved ones, fellow citizens and most importantly how it affected them as a person. While some individuals played prominent roles in history, the roles of lesser known individuals will not be minimized here.

While TCWP was started by one individual, it is hoped that through time it will become a thriving community. I welcome your feedback, and if you wish to contribute content or ideas please contact me at thecivilwarproject@yahoo.com.

I welcome you to the site and hope that you will follow us as we attempt to gain a new perspective on people and events, and gain a better understanding of the Civil War. Thank you for being a part of this project.


One thought on “About TCWP

  1. You have done a great service to our continued Civil War studies and heritage. Understanding all we can about this era helps us appreciate and envision our continued progress. Thank You Carrie.


    Posted by Dirk D. Drake | 11/25/2014, 6:46 am

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