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I started this website in April 2011 with the idea that it would be a daily website, providing day-to-day information on the events of the Civil War in honor of the 150th anniversary. It was an aggressive project to take on, especially considering I had been dealing with several spinal surgeries and many related procedures since 2005 that put me in a constant state of pain. I was also working a full time job that demanded more time than just a 40-hour work week. But my entire life I have had a deep, personal love and passion for that time period and the people that lived during it, and I wanted to tell their stories. When I thought of the sacrifices and the pain that people endured during that time, it made me want to push forward even more. They were my inspiration. So I created this website.

While I have had the pleasure of making wonderful connections and sharing some amazing stories, it’s obvious that the idea of the “daily blog” has failed. I admit that. My health issues have continued and can often leave me unable to even write, let alone do 6-8+ hours of fact checking, research and writing for each daily post. I have countless posts that I have started but could never finish. So the site became dormant, much to my frustration. But I have to look at the reality of my situation, and I made a choice to give up on this site being a “daily” site. I never wanted to let this part go, but I have to. And as of today, I’m making that official.

However, the website itself has not been a failure. It has a lot of good information and I want that to grow. I’ve been to so many Civil War related sites over the last few years, and I want to share that with my followers. I want to write more in depth about people that are unknown but did amazing things, or about people who are known but are misperceived. I want to write about events or acts that received little notice in the history books. I still want this to be a place where people can find interesting information that hopefully makes them eager to go out and learn even more.

I will continue to add bio pages about people, and you will see a lot of pages added on Civil War sites to visit, many of which I’ll likely blog about as well. I will give reviews of books, TV shows & movies focused on the war, and will write about special events as they happen. This will go back to being a more active website, just not daily. And you will also see me branch out into other ventures that involve history, whether it be for children or on different historical topics, and I’ll share those things with you as they develop.

150 years ago it was 1864, and the war was changing. Grant, Sherman & Sheridan are the men who are going to take this war to its end for the North. Lee and his men will continue a strong fight, but every loss of a man weakens them; the high point for the South is behind them, whether they realize it or not, but they will keep fighting. The North is still wondering at this point if it’s worth the fight. It’s an election year, and Lincoln’s opponent is the beloved (by some) General George B. McClellan, who is running on a peace platform. Their will to keep going will be tested even further in these next few months, as Grant is a different General than they’ve ever had in the Eastern theater; he will push his men forward and not retreat. Losses will be huge, and people – including First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln – will label him a butcher. Sherman will struggle to take Atlanta, the hub that supplies a great deal of the South with what they need to survive. Sheridan will go wherever Grant needs him, and will help protect Washington City and the Shenandoah Valley. It’s an action packed year, and it’s my goal to still share some of the more interesting stories with you.

I want to thank each and every follower and visitor out there for their support over these last few years. People continue to visit this site, and I continue to get emails thanking me, and that means a lot. But what means the most to me is that I feel a growing interest in history again amongst our population. History is more than just dates, places & names. It’s about the people. And these people are not one-dimensional characters; they have personalities, flaws, feelings, life experiences, opinions, and these things drive them to do the things they do. And what I find fascinating is how the actions of one person or a group of people can set off events that affect us in ways one never would have guessed. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not. Even little events and interactions can change the course of history. And that, at least to me, is what makes history so exciting. I hope to continue to share that excitement with you for years to come; because it doesn’t just stop at the Civil War. The war itself will lead the country down a road that is usually ignored in most history classes, yet greatly impacts our country even today.

So welcome to The (“New”) Civil War Project. I have greatly missed this site and am eager to make it come alive once again in its new format.


Carrie L. Suntken, Creator/Author

About thecivilwarproject

Like many others, I have a passion for the Civil War era, and for decades have chosen to spend my much of free time researching this topic - particularly the people, as the human component is what I find most fascinating. The site is not a source of revenue for me, nor is it tied in with a company or individual behind the scenes. It is my own personal venture. It is because of this genuine bond of respect and affection I feel towards this period in our history that I created "The Civil War Project." If this is your first time visiting the site, I welcome you and thank you for your interest. If you have any feedback or questions, please feel free to contact me at thecivilwarproject@yahoo.com.


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