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“One hundred and fifty years ago today” is what this site is about. It’s one thing to learn about the American Civil War through books and other media, but as an individual who has a great passion for this time in history I decided to try an experiment. I wanted to go through the Civil War in real time, day by day. I can’t go back in history, but I can go one day at a time and look at a wide variety of people and events in an effort to better understand this period.

At first I contemplated doing this exercise on my own. I spoke with those close to me, calling it “The Civil War Project” (TCWP). I started putting together databases and resources, and putting down in writing all the facts on people and events that I’ve learned over my 34 years of life.

I was then hit with an epiphany. Instead of doing this project in isolation, I decided to put it in a format that I could share with whoever was interested – whether this be one person or one hundred thousand. With that single decision, this website was born.

This is not a project that will start out with a lot of data. The information on people and events will build day by day, just as the war progressed one day at a time. This blog is the hub of TCWP and will summarize daily information as well as provide links to new data on the site and other places that might be of interest.

I am a firm believer that in order to plan and build a strong future you have to understand your past. The Civil War was a huge turning point in our nation, and one that still affects us all today. Whether you’re from the “North” or “South”, or whether you know a lot about this period or not, this place is meant to be a community for people to come together. It is created to be a unique exploration that goes beyond the standard facts (and usually partial information) we learn in school. Comments on this blog are enabled and readers are encouraged to share their thoughts, questions and their own knowledge on the topics of the day.

Thank you for being a part of The Civil War Project, and for coming along with us on this journey.

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